Markilux 889 TracFix

The Markilux 889 Tracfix is a similar type of roof blind to the SHY Zip, this motorised blind has a rounded headbox or cassette which encloses the fabric and the motor, this cassette comes in a number of standard powder coated colours such as White, Grey Brown or Metallic Aluminium. The fabric then slides down side channels which is held captive inside, this helps to create tension to keep it as flat as possible, there is a rail connected to the fabric which creates a bottom bar when the blind is fully extended. All Markilux blinds can be operated from a remote control handset or a wire free wall switch.

You have a huge choice of fabrics when choosing a Markilux Blind, the most popular for internal blinds tend to be the plain Sunvass or Sunsilk but you could go for a strip or multi stripe if you want. All Markilux fabrics are woven on site and offer excellent UV qualities, please click this link to see their whole colour range.

We have installed a number of these blinds and they look absolutely stunning and offer a huge benefit of never having any exposed wires to spoil your nice clean decor, please contact us for more information as there are some size limitations.

Have a look at the Markilux pictures showing the blinds or look at our gallery page showing some blinds we have installed.

  • Markilux 889 Tracfix To Slim Skylight Closed
    Markilux 889 Tracfix To Slim Skylight Closed
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