Welcome to Deans Blinds of London, this website is specifically designed to address the problems of shading Roof Lanterns and Skylights.

Extensions, Renovations & Rufurbishments

House renovations, refurbishments and extensions have been more and more popular over the last few years, people are trying to create more living space in their homes. Larger Kitchens, Family Rooms and open plan living have been on the increase.

People are designing their homes around them and their needs. Most of these builds are very modern in design, cool clean crisp lines, sharp kitchens with the mix of comfy sofas and a wall mounted TV. They really are rooms for the whole family to enjoy and spend time together.

Skylights & Roof Lanterns

Usually part of this build you will have some kind of skylight or roof lantern, this can be raised from the standard roof height or it can be flat, they are designed to maximise the amount of light coming into the room helping with that feeling of space and openness, they totally change a room and look stunning often lit at night creating a feature of their own.

Heat and Glare

Unfortunately people tend to forget about the shading, it’s not until the Sun comes out that they realise how hot the room can get. Not only the heat but also the glare can at certain times of the day can be unbearable, you have this beautiful room that becomes unusable, too hot to sit at the table, can’t see the TV and not what you were hoping for or expecting.

So what can be done?

Here at Deans we recognise all of these problems and have seen them time and time again and that’s why we have a range of bespoke made electric roof lantern & electric skylight blinds, from only a 1m in size up to 10m we can help to reduce the heat, reduce the glare and also offer thermal qualities in the Winter to keep the heat in, as well as offering you an electric black out blind for your roof lantern or skylight!!

How will it look?

We know at Deans that the overall look of the product is as important as the function, that why we offer the SHY Zip roof blind, this is not only a fantastic system unrivalled in our view in the UK but looks great. Most fabrics tend to be plain in design but do come in a huge choice of colours, we can do anti-glare fabrics or we can even offer black out fabrics depending on your needs.

So when to contact us?

Contact us as soon as possible especially if you have building work about to start or in progress, we will liaise with builders, architects and electricians explain what wiring is required and where it needs installing this will ensure a nice neat finish at the end of your project. Click HERE or call on 020-8947-8931

If you require any other electric or motorised blinds for your home, office, workplace or school please Click HERE to visit our main electric blind website.