Roof Lantern & Skylight Blinds From Deans of London

Which Blind is for me?

Here at Deans we try and offer the very best solution to your shading problems that’s why we have a couple of different options depending on your needs and the size of the Roof Lantern or Skylight.

SHY Zip Roof Blind: 

The SHY Zip roof blind really is the best blind on the UK market to cope with every type of Roof Lantern or Skylight, it is a flat roof roller type blind with side channels, the fabric can either be anti-glare or black out quality. Generally they are motorised due to the size.

Markilux 889 TracFix:

This is a fantastic alternative to the SHY Zip roof blind. This blind is motorised with side channels very similar to the SHY blind. There are limitations on the size and are only available with an anti-glare fabric.

Pleated Roof Blind:

Now these blinds do have limited use due to the sizes, they are perfectly ok with the smaller roof lights generally installed to stairwells and loft conversion bedrooms or studies, the fabric can either be anti-glare or black out quality. They tend to be manually operated but they can be motorised.

External Shading:

At Deans we have been in business since 1894 and today still make by hand a Wooden Victorian Awning, as you would expect we supply and install a huge range of patio awnings in all sizes and styles.

One of the awnings we supply is made by a company called Markilux, this awning is specifically designed to sit on top of a conservatory roof or flat roof with a sky light. What this offers is an external solution to your internal shading problem.

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